Installing Whirlpool

So you've become self-sovereign and have you own Dojo full node, your own Electrum Server via Electrs running through Tor. Now lets get you connected to Samourai's Whirlpool service.

Prepare your Pi

First we need to install OpenJDK 8:

$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre

Next, pull the Whirlpool Client CLI lastest repository:

$ mkdir /home/**user**/whirlpool
$ cd whirlpool
$ sudo wget

Make sure you verify you have the latest release at:

Mobile App Pairing

Open up your Samourai Mobile Wallet

Press 3 dots on top right -> Settings -> Transactions-> Pair to Whirlpool GUI. Copy the code to clipboard

Send the code to yourself, how you feel is most secure.

Back to Pi

Make sure you are in your whirlpool directory and run the following command:

$ java -jar whirlpool-client-cli-0.9.0-run.jar --init 

This starts the initial installation process. You will be asked to if you want to run through Tor: Yes. And ask for the pairing code: Paste went asked.

Also note, grab the API key that will be spit out during this command. It is also located in the config file that is generated. You'll need that later

Now once the init install is complete it will close out whirlpool. Now we will change things a little for better configurations: However you will be able to change more in the GUI once we pair it.

$ java -jar whirlpool-client-cli-0.9.0-run.jar --server=mainnet --tor --auto-mix --authenticate --mixs-target=0 --listen

Set --mixs-target=0 for infinite mixes by default, or change to any number you'd like. This can also be configured in the GUI.

So at this point Whirlpool Cli will run and eventually prompt you with your Samourai wallet passphrase. Enter that and it will begin to mix.

Whirlpool GUI

Let's install the Whirlpool GUI on a your main computer for a beautiful interface.

Go to and grab the appropriate file for your system. For this guide: I'll just use the App.Image

$ wget
$ sudo chmod +x whirlpool-gui.0.9.0.AppImage

Now lets launch it:

$ ./whirlpool-gui.0.9.0.AppImage

Ok so you'll be shown with two options: Standalone CLI or Remote CLI. Select remote CLI (our pi)

Next you'll need to enter your Pi's IP address: 192.168.X.XXX

API Key you saved earlier, copy the code, click on the api box and hit Ctrl+V.

Leave the Port alone

Now connect. May take a minute or so, but you'll see the wallet ask for your passphrase again. This is your Mobile wallet BIP39 passphrase you entered in the CLI.

Once it registers you'll be connected for self-sovereign continuous mixing.


Big thanks to PuraVida and the Whirlpool telegram group. And of course the Samourai Dev team for building awesome Bitcoin products.

Don't be afraid to ask other questions in the telegram group:

DM me on Twitter: @BTCxZelko or Telegram @BTCxZelko if you have any questions. <---So my wife doesn't kill me 😅

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