This guide will allow you to operate and utilize your Dojo to back a full Bitcoin Explorer. (This set up is designed to be accessible from your local LAN only)


We will be completely operating from your main device, unless otherwise stated. So grab your laptop, and follow along.

Determine which download you need:

$ uname -m

Now head to:

Right click on the correct download to "Copy link address" you need. For this example I'll use the linux x64 download.

$ wget

Unpack and install

$ tar -xf node-v10.16.3-linux-x64.tar.xz
$ sudo rm -r *.tar.xz
$ cd node-v10.16.3-linux-x64
$ sudo cp -R * /usr/local/

Check the version

$ node -v
$ npm -v

And that's it for node.js!

Install the Explorer

First, head over to github and read up on the explorer:

Ok, now we are going to pull the repo using git (alternatively you can use wget) and install it using npm.

$ git clone
$ cd btc-rpc-explorer
$ npm install

Now we need to set the .env file. To do this we are going to edit the .env-sample file, then save as .env to activate it.

$ sudo nano .env-sample
##Make sure you UNCOMMENT out the following:
BTCEXP_PORT=3002 (you can change this, you will put this in the web browser)

BTCEXP_BITCOIND_HOST=192.168.X.XX (this should be the IP of you pi you configured in the Electrs guide)
BTCEXP_BITCOIND_PORT=28256 (if default dojo)

Rest are optional, but I opted for the following:
BTCEXP_BASIC_AUTH_PASSWORD=(whatever you want)

##One you are happy with your settings..
Ctrl+X, y, (delete the .env-sample, type: .env) Enter

WARNING: To be clear to save as, before hitting Enter, you should see the file name: .env

If you still have: .env-sample It will not work.

Ok, now we are all set... all thats left is to start.

$ npm run
$ npm start

Go to (or whatever port you used) and you should now have access to your full explorer!


Huge shout out to janoside for making this RPC explorer. And the Dojo Telegram group for all the help.

Join the telegram group at:

DM me on Twitter: @BTCxZelko or Telegram @BTCxZelko if you have any questions. <---So my wife doesn't kill me 😅

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